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Career Opportunities

Year One 

During this session, students are introduced to the TEDU Careers Center and taken through skills such as how to develop a CV and write a cover letter. In the first year, we also introduce our students to relevant professional institutions including the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects-Chamber of Civil Engineers, Earthquake Engineering Association of Turkey, Turkish Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering and Turkish Contractors Association. Representatives give presentations on topics ranging from how to engage with the profession and how to attend professional events, to the benefits of membership. 

Years Two and Three 

Two major presentation and networking events are hold where we introduce our students to a wide range of potential future employers (with several representatives from TED family). The idea is to give first-hand examples of the range of employment opportunities available, to stimulate students to engage with the profession early on, and to get a first start at networking. One possible outcome is for some of our students to gain internships with these firms. 

Years Four 

At this stage the focus is very much on the skills required to gain employment after graduation, working intensively as groups and individually to achieve the best outcome for our students. Specifically we cover the following topics: 
•    LinkedIn – we ask all students to sign up and we provide advice on how to set-up pages and how to populate them to best achieve results. We highly recommend everyone to join their year’s LinkedIn TEDU alumni page. This group will be the main way we interact with students once they have graduated – a great way to maintain ties and keep information flowing both ways.
•    Interviews –Representatives from major companies and members of TEDU staff provide tips on how to shine during basic and technical internship/job interviews
•    CVs – We encourage students to move beyond a generic student CV and specifically list skills and experience as formed in internships and course projects; we provide examples and guidance.
•    CE410 – In the final year, students undertake the design of a major civil engineering project, working under the guidance of several mentors from the industry together with an academic team from TEDU. The aim is to bring together the skills, knowledge and experience learned through the previous years of study into a single integrated piece of work. This course involves regular meetings between students, mentors and academics, general guidance, comments that challenge their decisions and progressive design. A separate study room is reserved for students taking CE410 so that they can work on their design project in a design office environment.

Recruiting our students

Our students are highly motivated and typically seek opportunities throughout their studies to gain experience in industry, we make every effort to assist them in this pursuit. Contact us if you would like help in identifying the right student to work with you as an intern or graduate engineer.

Attend the "meet the industry" event

In March of each year, the Department hosts an evening event where engineering firms are invited. These present the perfect opportunity to come into face-to-face contact with the next generation of engineers, and to present your company in a more relaxed environment. Contact us if you would like to take part in this event.