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The Chair's Message

TED University Civil Engineering Department offers civil engineering education in English language in accordance with the standards set by international accreditation organizations. 

TED University admits students to its common "Engineering Program" rather than separate engineering departments. Students are accepted to the common Engineering Program based on their Mathematics and Science (MS-4) scores obtained in the Higher Education Examination-Undergraduate Placement Examination. Students following this common core Engineering Program in their first year, if they choose, can continue their education in the Department of Civil Engineering from 2nd year onwards. 

TED University Civil Engineering Department’s undergraduate program was designed to be an integral, liberal educational program that allows students to attain a specialization based on purely their choices. This program differs from other universities’ undergraduate Civil Engineering Programs by allowing students to take courses on basic, up-to-date civil engineering topics as well as on other disciplines such as Law, Communication or Architectural Culture and attain a minor area specialization. 

In this way, it is our objective to train versatile, open-minded civil engineers with broad perspective. According to the educational philosophy we adopted, our students are encouraged to participate in seminars and interdisciplinary studies, are coached to recognize the importance of being a member of the learning community and to successfully complete graduation projects in order to reveal their personal differences. Methods introducing our students to research processes and to problem solving are integral part of our undergraduate curriculum in the Civil Engineering Department. 
As of today, large number of ERASMUS exchange partnership agreements between TED University and several European Universities are available. Students of our department can benefit from the ERASMUS exchange program during the course of their undergraduate education. 

TED University Civil Engineering Department’s aim is to train future leaders of our profession. It is our main objective to place our graduates, who will possess professional ethics, communication and resource management skills, among the problem-solvers and project leaders of future. With our department and TED University Career Center's activities job opportunities will be created to our graduating students if they choose not to continue their education with the objective of receiving an MSc or PhD degrees.  

Dear candidates,

I invite all of you to become a privileged member of the TED University Civil Engineering Department. The time you will spent at TED University will not only bring you professional excellence but also provide you with the opportunity to be a member of a ‘city university’ that is located at the heart of unceasing cultural and intellectual activities. 

Best Wishes,

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rıza Secer Orkun Keskin
TED University
Chair of Civil Engineering Department